Мi-8 President Line (MI-8MSB-VVIP-1)

„Mi-8 (MSB-VVIP-1) in President Line configuration is a continuation of traditions of high-quality interiors and an unrivaled level of comfort.“

Mi-8 helicopter (MI-8MSB-VVIP-1) is a stylistic sequel series of V-VIP level aircrafts in President Line configuration. Cabin is designed for six passengers in order to provide the maximum level of comfort during all the time of air travel. The helicopter is equipped with a functional kitchen area with a seat of a flight attendant, V-VIP cabin with six seats, two of which are for the main passenger and his companion, and a four-seat sofa placed there for the guests. The helicopter is equipped with modern multimedia system and a storage unit to provide maximum comfort in flight. Mi-8 in V-VIP configuration is equipped with a lavatory, which, according to the modification of the helicopter may be at the nose or at the aft of the helicopter.