CL-850 President Line (8091)

„Challenger 850 President Line - is the best and uncompromising solution for a business or vacation flight.“

Challenger 850 V-VIP President Line (8091) – is a regional jet of V-VIP level that provides its owner with the highest level of convenience and comfort during all the air trip. The layout of the interior of the aircraft is designed to satisfy all the needs of passengers and crew members. The aircraft is equipped with modern entertainment system, bar and a storage system for the convenience of passengers. Satellite telephone on the board makes it possible to stay connected and manage your business even being in the air. A shower cabin, mounted in a V-VIP lavatory allows you to look fresh even after hours of flight. Crewmembers also have their own lavatory in order not to cause discomfort to passengers during the flight. The aircraft is also equipped with additional fuel tanks, which increases the maximum flight range without additional refueling.