CL-850 President Line (8090)

„Challenger 850 President Line - is the best corporate solution in its segment.“

Challenger 850 V-VIP President Line (8090) - is a regional plane of V-VIP level with a cabin of expanded configuration. This is the best aircraft in the segment, which has the highest level of comfort and an extended passenger cabin that allows combining business trips and private journey with a full comfort level. The aircraft is equipped with modern multimedia equipment and satellite communications system that allows you to use the whole spectrum of necessary in-flight services. A plurality of storage system boxes allow to arrange everything you need at your fingertips. The aircraft is equipped with two lavatories - one for the crewmembers, flight attendants and maintenance, the second one - for the main passenger and his guests. The main lavatory is equipped with a shower, which allows maximum comfort during long hours of flight.