CL-850 President Line (8074)

„Challenger 850 in President Line configuration - is a comfortable, air office of V-VIP level, anywhere you want it, and anywhere you need it.“

Challenger 850 V-VIP President Line (8074) - is a regional plane of V-VIP level, equipped with everything you need in order to reach maximum comfort and meet all the needs of its passengers. The interior of the aircraft is designed to suit individual needs and requirements of the customer. The interior is divided into two independent zones that allows you to combine recreation and business processes. The aircraft is equipped with a conference room for negotiating at any time and in any place. Modern multimedia system, a bar and a variety of storage systems are designed to provide comfort and convenience for passengers and crewmembers; additional fuel tanks increase flight range of the aircraft without refueling. On the board of the plane, there is satellite communication system; V-VIP lavatory has a shower cabin. Crewmembers and flight attendants also have their own lavatory, located in the fore of the aircraft; this increases the level of comfort of passengers and their VIP guests. All this makes this aircraft the leader in its segment.